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Get 3 tools to jumpstart your journey and find your flair for genius.

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Explore your hidden gifts to find your
Flair For Genius

Imagine receiving a check for $1 million with these instructions: You must invest in your dream. What would you do?

Not sure about your dream?
Blair helps you explore your gifts and discover your genius.

The above exercise can help you identify your passions. But what if you never quite found that dream…or long ago lost sight of it?

During her Flair For Genius presentations, workshops, and weekend seminars, Blair Tindall presents her APT Approach™: Affinity, Plan, and Talent. This proven set of hands-on exercises helps you highlight your interests, talents, and aptitudes – your unique genius.

Blair’s Flair for Genius process isn’t a matter of simply cataloging individual skills. You also explore how your unique interests, talents, and aptitudes add up – resonating as a package that is yours alone. Plus, you’ll walk away with a game plan and concrete steps to jump-start your journey.

An added bonus, Blair’s extraordinary life story will inspire you. You’ll be motivated to take the first, small step to tap into your Flair For Genius.

Take note: Blair invested two decades and thousands of dollars to identify hardworking tools and effective exercises that spotlight your gifts and offer guidance for your path. She has distilled the most effective tests and powerful role-playing exercises into her APT Approach to achieve tangible results. Attending Blair’s presentation, workshop, or seminar can save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration!

Use your gifts – your Flair for Genius – at home and work.

Whether you’re an executive, employee, stay-at-home parent, or student, you can apply your Flair for Genius at home and in your current job.

But you must start right now. Don’t wait for someone to hand you that imaginary check!

Take the first step to discover your Flair for Genius.

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