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As an accomplished oboist I enjoyed a glamorous career in many ways. But while performers are often creative, we get stuck in a job rut like anyone else. Professional musicians work weekends, nights, and holidays for low pay. We play on through pyrotechnics, stage fog, and ear-splitting amplification, with little job security. Sometimes we play the same music 400 times a year. And down in the gloomy Broadway orchestra pit, an occasional rat scurries by!

Recognized as a talented musician at age 5, my entire life was boxed in to achieve one goal: play music. I became lost in a lifetime of practice and goals set for me as a child. I never developed my own passions or explored my other gifts, talents, and aptitudes.

I felt trapped in someone else’s dream.

Of course I loved music…but wondered if there was something more. Throughout my performing career, a frustration and sense of desperation grew. Like many people stuck in the wrong job, I wanted to live my life differently but didn’t know how. By concentrating on one talent, I’d lost sight of my other interests and aptitudes.

Exploring my gifts – the places where I shine – was key to breaking out of my box.

For nearly two decades, I invested in myriad aptitude tests and career counseling. Some avenues were effective; many weren’t. I could see why so many people give up on finding their true path. But eventually I discovered specific tests and exercises that shone a spotlight on my talents, helped me explore those gifts, and showed me a new path.

By uncovering hidden aptitudes, I was able to find my unique genius.

The process of breaking out of that box has led me down a path of exploration and self-development as I began to see how to use my special “tool box” of talents and interests. I discovered that writing and communicating were hidden aptitudes – and a source of great joy. Although I’d thought I was too old to go back to school, I was astonished to receive a full scholarship to Stanford University’s School of Journalism at age 40! Amazing things happen when you throw your hat in the ring – but you must choose the arena that’s perfect for you alone.

My initial journalism career focused on business, environmental issues, and performing arts for major newspapers and magazines. I discovered that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and figure out how to make it fly. In fact, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times published my very first articles – despite the fact that nearly everyone told me my efforts were ridiculous. I also wrote and published my first book, Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music, which led to speaking engagements around the world. 

Now I use my life well … I’m excited to start every day.

As I’ve explored my unique Flair For Genius, I’ve discovered an adventurous streak! On any given day, you might find me traveling to the far corners of the world, diving a coral reef or shipwreck (I’m a certified divemaster), or exploring music, dance, and storytelling in Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Or you might find me tapping Morse code on my amateur radio, shooting at the pistol or archery range, climbing 90-foot trees on a National Geographic television special, or flying like the wind with my bicycle racing team.

Explore your gifts; discover your Flair For Genius

Contact me to attend an upcoming Flair For Genius presentation, workshop, or weekend seminar. I’ll help you see the world in a different way. We’ll look at your specific set of skills, talents, and aptitudes – your unique genius – and formulate a customized plan. You don’t have to fit into a preset box – and in fact, you won’t. We’ll build your box from the inside out, using your unique profile.

Remember, every day brings new possibilities to live your life to fullest. Aim for the stars!

Blair Tindal

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